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Conditions of Stay

Conditions of Stay
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Cancellation Policies
Conditions of Stay

Tivoli Aparthotel Conditions of Stay:

  • All Tivoli Aparthotel accommodation and services are pre-paid. Settlement is due at check-in.
  • A Security Bond of $200tala (Foreign Equivalent/Credit Card Pre-Auth or a Valid Overseas Passport of guest) Is required for each room – this is only returned after the room has been checked less any damage or loss to the room or property – Guest Liability is not limited to the security deposit. Guests are fully liable for any and all damage or loss caused by them or their Visitors.
  • Loss Of Room Key – The Loss of a Room Key is a $300 tala charge – As all the locks for the room will need to be changed.
  • Check in is after 1 pm - Check-out is before 10.30 am - Un-arranged late check-out charged at $50 per hour
  • Hotel & Pool Quiet time starts at 9.30 pm until – PLEASE ALWAYS BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER GUESTS.
  • Pool Open from 6.30 am-10 pm.  . All Swimmers must rinse first and use proper swimming clothing only
  • Absolutely No Glass in or around the pool - Broken Glass will result in a minimum $1000 tala fine to drain clean and refill pool.
  • No food, drink or smoking in pool. No diving, bombing or pushing in pool.
  • The Pool is for the use of In House Guests - at an additional charge visitors of guests may also swim - Guest's visitors wanting to swim must be registered and pre-paid for at reception Max of 4 Swimming visitors per room, at a time - $20 tala per adult and $15 per child per day (If not pre-paid and registered a charge of $50 per person will apply to the room)
  • All Children must be supervised by an adult at all times while at Tivoli - ESPECIALLY IN OR AROUND THE POOL.
  • Outside Visitors - unless they have been registered & paid for to sleep as an additional guest must vacate the rooms & premises by 10pm - otherwise an undeclared guest Fee of $50 tala per person will apply.
  • All Staying guests must be Registered - Room Occupancy not to Exceed Rate inclusion Numbers  
  • Tivoli Aparthotel prioritises itself as family friendly therefore All Public/Shared areas are NO SMOKING & NO ALCOHOL ZONES.
  •  No Smoking in Rooms $500 tala Fine. Guests may smoke under Smoking Fale or on room balcony, with all windows and doors shut.
  • Guests are permitted to drink alcohol in their rooms or on their private room balcony (with consideration & respect for other guests)
  • Music/Speakers & Noise Levels – Guests are to keep their music and voices at a considerate and respectful level at all times.
  • Fire Alarms – When cooking/Ironing etc –Guests are to take every precaution not to cause damage or set off fire alarms - if/when cooking in the rooms – Windows must be kept open to ensure airflow and prevent the room from smelling of food.
  • A Minimum of $500 tala charge per Fire Engine will apply if Guests set off a fire/smoke alarm.
  • Tampering with or damaging fire/smoke alarms or fire safety equipment will also result in a minimum $500 tala fine.

A change of booking or shortening your stay is considered as a cancellation - no refund will be provided if you choose to arrive later or depart earlier than indicated in the original booking.

We reserve the right to cancel bookings & remove guests and/or their visitors without refund if their actions or behaviour causes disruption or harm to other guests or staff, or any loss or damage to the property.